Our Co2 Promise...

We have partnered with MoreTrees so that for every pair of Agile shoes sold, we will plant a tree, in a forest of your choice. Not only does planting trees help offset our carbon footprint, it comes with tonnes of other benefits too. It releases oxygen, filters the air, filters rainfall and increases atmospheric moisture. The MoreTrees project provides fair wage employment to impoverished villages and communities across the world; giving people the opportunity to feed their families and an income to support local trade. The more trees planted, the more healthy forests that begin to emerge; restoring animal habitats, purifying water sources, replenishing soil and controlling flooding and erosion. 

Choose where you would like to plant your tree at the online checkout; Madagascar, Kenya, Nepal or Haiti - and help us become more carbon positive today. When your tree has planted, you will receive an email confirmation and you can check online to see your own certificate and tree benefits.


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